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Affordable wills from a name you can trust

Whether you're planning your children's future, buying a house or just making sure your wishes are clearly stated, we can help you take care of your will.

Letter of wishes

Letter of wishes

Help your executors follow your personal wishes

A letter of wishes is written to accompany your will. It's not legally binding, but can help to guide your executors and trustees in following your personal wishes. It's also useful for dealing with sentimental rather than valuable items, such as your furniture or treasured ornaments.

Rather than including detailed lists of possessions in your will, you can explain in your letter of wishes how you'd like them distributed. It's not advisable to use a letter of wishes to leave valuable objects, or if you want absolute certainty over who will inherit specific items – instead these should be gifted in your will itself.

You can have several different letters relating to different sections of your estate, left with various friends or family members, as well as master copies left with your will for safekeeping.

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Letter of wishes

Create a single letter of wishes to accompany your will and guide executors and trustees in carrying out your wishes

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Letter of wishes (pair)

Create a pair of letters of wishes to accompany your will and guide executors and trustees in carrying out your wishes

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A will ensures your estate and assets are correctly distributed

Letter of wishes

Give guidance on almost anything you'd like to happen after your death

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows you to assign others to make key decisions for you if you become unable to do so.

* The legal review involves our wills specialists reviewing the answers you provided when completing your document questionnaire. It provides comfort that if you properly execute or sign your document it will comply with legal formalities and meet the requirements you specified.

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The legal document witnessed by two witnesses in which you say what is to happen to your possessions on your death.


The country you consider to be your permanent home for tax purposes, even if you actually reside elsewhere. It is distinct from nationality and place of residence.

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Each package offers a different level of guidance and support so we can help you, whatever your needs. Find out more about what's included in each bundle in our guide to Which? Wills packages.