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Why make a Will?

  • Ensure your assets are distributed to those you love
  • Reduce your family's potential inheritance tax burden
  • Appoint a person you trust to carry out your wishes

How can Which? Wills help

  • Our quick questionnaire will help you select the right Will
  • Easy to follow online template with helpful explanations and examples
  • Our Which? Wills Specialists are a phone call away for further guidance

Getting started

Set aside roughly 30 minutes to create your online Will. You can save and come back to it at any time.


Use our Will Selector to find the right Will for you.


Create an account and purchase your chosen Will.


Answer a series of straightforward questions to help draft your Will.


Submit your Will for legal review (if you've purchased this option).


Print, sign and have your Will witnessed.

Will Selector Tool

Help me choose the right Will

  • Answer a few quick questions and we'll recommend a Will that suits your needs
  • To compare our Wills and pricing click here

Estate size

Does your estate exceed the inheritance tax threshold (£325,000 for each person, less any lifetime gifts made in the last seven years)?


Foreign property

Do you own foreign property?



Are you married or in a civil partnership?

Note: if you are widowed, you should answer 'No' here. A civil partnership applies only to the legal relationship between people of the same sex.


Business/Agriculture - Not Married

Do you own any interest in a business or in agricultural property?

And are these interests, together with your other assets, worth more than your inheritance-tax-free allowance (presently £325,000 before the deduction of lifetime gifts in the last 7 years)?


Where do you live? - Not Married

Where do you permanently live?


Business/Agriculture - Married

Do you own any interest in a business or in agricultural property?


Where do you live? - Married

Where do you permanently live?


Pair wills

Would you also like a Will for your spouse/civil partner?


Mirror Will

Couples often want Wills that mirror each other. Together you answer one set of questions to create 2 Wills, each naming the same beneficiaries and executors.

Do you want your Wills to mirror each other?

The Will recommended for you...

Which? Wills can also help you with

Powers of Attorney

Ensure there is someone who is able to help manage your affairs if you are not able to.

Help me choose

Living Wills

Set out your wishes regarding healthcare in the event you're unable to make decisions in the future.

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Please note: Our documents are only suitable if you are over 18 and live within the United Kingdom and should only be used in the countries stated on a document. A document used in a different country may be invalid or refused registration by the relevant authority.

Our Wills and Codicils aren't intended for complex family circumstances or large, complicated estates. Please make sure you own the assets that you include in your Will as part of your estate. If you share ownership of a property (e.g. with a housing association) you should seek legal advice. If your estate exceeds the inheritance tax threshold (£325,000 for each person, less any lifetime gifts made in the last seven years) or you own business or agricultural property, you should seek tax advice and legal advice. If you own property abroad, or in a different country within the United Kingdom, you should seek advice from a legal expert in that country.

If you have any concerns, please call our Wills Specialists on 01992 822 803.