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EP2 - Registration of an EPA (Northern Ireland)

Attorneys of an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) created in Northern Ireland should use this document to register the EPA. A separate fee will be payable to the Office of Care and Protection (OCP). You can find details of the fees payable on the OCP’s website.This registration should take place as soon as the attorneys believe that the donor is becoming mentally incapable. Before this registration can take place, you must give notice of your intention to register the document and can do so by using the document EP1 - Notice of intention to register an EPA (Northern Ireland).

This document can be used to register an EPA only if one or two attorneys are registering the document, with the option of one co-attorney who is not registering the document.

Self Service & Expert Legal Review

Price: £39.00
  • Draft your document online by answering a series of simple questions
  • Online explanation and guidance notes
  • Telephone and email support
  • Secure online document transfer to our Wills Specialists for legal review
  • Notification when your document has been reviewed and is ready for printing

Included in this service:

EP2 - Registration of an EPA (Northern Ireland) (Guidance Notes)
EP2 - Registration of an EPA (Northern Ireland)

Self Service & Expert Legal Review*

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Create an online document
Guidance notes provided
Save your document & finish it later
Expert Legal Review
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Support from our legal team
Create an online document
Guidance notes provided
Save your document & finish it later
Expert Legal Review
Check for contradictions or duplications
Support from our legal team

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* The legal review involves our wills specialists reviewing the answers you provided when completing your document questionnaire. It provides comfort that if you properly execute or sign your document it will comply with legal formalities and meet the requirements you specified.

Jargon buster


The legal document witnessed by two witnesses in which you say what is to happen to your possessions on your death.


The country you consider to be your permanent home for tax purposes, even if you actually reside elsewhere. It is distinct from nationality and place of residence.

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Expert Legal Review explained

Our wills specialists will review the answers you provide, and support you through the whole process by phone or email.

This gives you the reassurance that once you sign your will, or another document, you know it will comply with all legal formalities and meet your wishes.

Customer testimonials

"Calling the team made all the difference to me as they were so patient and helpful. I had a few questions and they answered them all and set me on the right path with my will."
- Chris, Falmouth
"There were a few things that I had to check with my husband about the beneficiaries and naming legal guardians for the children. Being able to come back to the point I left from was key."
- Katherine, Bristol
"We put our house on the market as we needed more space for the kids and this made us realise we needed to do our wills. We found the Which? Wills site easy to use."
- Jackie, Edinburgh