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Affordable wills from a name you can trust

Whether you're planning your children's future, buying a house or just making sure your wishes are clearly stated, we can help you take care of your will.

Storage and registration

How to store your Will

A Will is one of the most important documents you'll ever write so you should store it very carefully.

The law doesn't say where you must deposit your Will but, as a minimum, it should be stored in a secure and fireproof place.

However you decide to store your Will, it is important that your executor knows exactly where to find it.

Storing your Will at home

You could store your Will at home but this leaves it vulnerable to accidental damage or burglary. If you choose to store your Will in your house, don't use paperclips, staples or anything else that leaves a mark to avoid mistakenly suggesting that sections or amendments could be missing.

Storing your Will with a solicitor

Solicitors usually store Wills, even if they didn't write them. In addition to a charge for storing your Will, there could also be charges for accessing it.

Will storage companies

Dedicated Will storage businesses can offer safe, insured facilities. Prices vary but most use a subscription model. Always find out whether updates to your Will trigger extra costs.

Storing your Will with the Probate Service (England and Wales)

The Probate Service charges a flat fee of £25 to store a Will. You would have to make a formal request in order to take the Will back so your solicitor, for example, couldn't retrieve your Will for you while you're still alive.